20 Supercool Levitating Gadgets

20 Supercool Levitating Gadgets

Coolest Levitating Gadgets

Gadgets that will blow your mind

- Rajat Mehta | 20/01/18

Newton was damm smart! What goes up is sure to come down. But whats wrong with these cool looking levitating gadgets. Maybe they just hate Newton or it’s their friend magnetism that have helped them levitate and look this cool. 

For us it is natural to be impressed by something we find unusual(we don’t always see things floating) 

The technology behind the majority of levitating gadgets is known as maglev. Maglev is a concatenation of “magnet” and “levitation.”

Magnetic suspension may not have drastic practical advantages but it surely adds a wow factor to products and  these products have managed to create their own space in the market in the name of levitating gadgets.

Though magnetic levitation works on a simple principle  designers have been able to add mesmerizing trait of levitation to devices and household items.

In today’s list, and for every levitation fan out there, we handpicked the best and coolest levitating gadgets that you can actually buy right away.

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Newton just pooped in pants and maybe some of your guests will too when they see you serving drink in a Levitating cup.
Evoke your creativity to create a drinking experience for your guests like none other.


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What else is Cooler then a Levitating Phone, Not only Levitating but charging too. This is the future of phone chargers. You can use it to just float your device or float and charge at the same time. Charger will continue to float and rotate your device even after your battery is full.

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Although there is an impressive element involved  in every levitation gadget but this one is my favorite. The reason being it gives you a option to levitate any of your special models, jewelry, memorabilia and other collectibles in midair. It can hold up to 13 oz in mid and adjusts automatically to changing weights(making up to 1000 corrections per second)


The moon night continuously revolve in space inspiring wonder and amazement so lets keep it that way here on earth . The Maglev moon have received good recognition in the levitating gadget space.
The concept is really great with smooth and warm lighting, visual effects and a fancy look.


Gadgets like a levitating pot are hallmarks of what constitutes an imagined future. Don’t wait for the time when they lose their uniqueness because technology never stops upgrading. Check it out now.


Flyte is a levitating light bulb powered through the air, and yes, you read it right, the bulb is lit up wirelessly, no battery or power cables needed. Bulb can be turned on or off just by touching the base.It uses energy efficient LEDs that can last up to 50,000 hours. That’s 12 hours a day for 11 years! probably you will never have to change this lightbulb.


A UFO shaped speaker that levitates while it plays your favorite track. There is much more then levitation this speaker can surprise you with.  With features like :
-Dual drivers with full range craft speakers and sub-woofer.
-App for IOS and android
-Advanced microphone technology
-360° sound projection


This could be the coolest thing on your desk.    
This high tech gadget comes with a LED light feature that makes it look cool when turned on in the dark


Can you imagine the feel of small light floating in the air and sweet music coming out of it? It’s just mesmerising. With a levitating pod-shaped speaker, a 360° sound experience, Soft and smooth LED light, the warm and soft golden glow is also adjustable, making the product a perfect companion – be it for bedside lighting, meditation and yoga sessions or hours of music playback.


You must have seen this floating pillow in movies or in Big Stores, showcasing prized and exquisite items and reveal its flawless beauty, glimmering as it rotates in mid-air weightless? Don’t let your charms collect dust, set your treasured possessions on display and show off their beauty in style.


Balancing the blocks has always been a fun game to play and that fun will get an extra boost when you try to balance blocks in an anti-gravity scenario. To play this game you roll the dice and then have to use the block whose number matches with the number on the dice and try to balance that block on the floating platform.


The Lamp gives the feel of futuristic sci-fi stuff. It’s just an eye catcher, no one could move past without admiring this item. The brightness of lamp is great and it looks really cool when turned on in dark.


Rarely does one come across a product so beautiful and yet so sensible in functionality and form factor that it complements the fast-changing lifestyle of this generation. The ICE Orb Levitating Speaker is one such beautiful Bluetooth Speaker which defies and challenges the conventional methods of listening to Music. With a levitating Orb and a Base capable of doubling as a charging dock, the ICE Orb is way more than just a style statement – it the tomorrow of Music.


The Moon is the world’s most innovative Home Automation system and a Security Camera. It combines amazing features with a revolutionary 360° levitating design. With no wires and Installation you can control and automate all your home/office electronics with MOON: adjust heating/lighting systems, monitor the house, communicate, be notified in emergency situations and much more.


How do you define class? Place this masterpiece sculpture in your room and you don’t need to define it anymore.  These zero-gravity works of art are guaranteed to be the center of attraction in your contemporary space.

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