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20 Amazingly Weird Products

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What are your thoughts on a mug that shapes like a dick? It is definitely creepy for many but for some its really fun. Who’s side are you on? Life is full of crazy stuff and many people take fun in it. And for you over the top people, there are some weird products that will definitely peak your interest. No matter how much crazy they look or function, they will perfectly show your cringy yet funny side to others. So, all those guys that want some craziness in their lives, you just have landed on the perfect page. 


 If you love to Sacre the hell out of people, then this could be a nice addition to your arsenal. Peeping Tom Prop that is eerily real in size and features, with lifelike sparkling eyes; he’s the stuff nightmares are made of and Easy instillation in any window.


Create a horrific crime scene every time you come out of bath by stepping on this color changing blood bath mat. With a dimension of about 16″ x 39″  this mat features a seemingly run of the mill white design that turns wet creating a  illusion of blood being spoiled everywhere.


Start your morning off right – with a penis in your mouth! The Penis Shaped Egg Fryer is non-stick. You can make the most hilarious eggs and much more. Erotic and eggciting!


Most zombies aren’t afraid of the dark, but it looks as though this undead guy is! This zombie is climbing out of the ground where it’s dark as he reaches for the light above, or maybe he just likes the way light bulbs crunch, and he looks very hungry! Don’t worry though, he’s made of resin so he’ll remain forever hungry and half buried.


This super cool skull mug is from Chicvita, exquisite craft and vivid bone expression make it look more worth to be collected. Made with a safe resin material and edible stainless-steel material. Drinking beverage with this mug makes the feeling more intense and hyped.


WARNING: Please don’t use your mouth suck out shampoo or soap! It is harm to your health!
The breast shampoo dispenser is a perfect addition to an bachelor’s bathroom as it lets you squeeze a pair of voluptuous and supple breasts every time you need some soap.


Scare the life out of your friends and family with a remote Controlled Tarantula Spider. This amazing real looking spider features a furry texture as well as independent leg movement giving impressions of real life spider. With this remote control tarantula you are always set to unleash terror in any household.


As crazy as it sounds , but you will never be able to see your true reflection unless you are in possession of a true reflection mirror. This is the amazing and unique True Mirror, the world’s only mirror that reflects you without reversing your left and right sides. Discover your true nature in the true image reflection, and see how much the backwards mirror has changed how you see yourself. Hear the True Mirror story at NPR’s RadioLab (the Mirror Mirror show), a surprising exploration of mirror images, hair parts and symmetry.


Well, the picture and the name says it all. What’s left to say is that these towels are really soft and durable and top of that, in a whole other league of craziness. 


We all have heard that earth is heating up because of global warming. How would you like to see it up close? Well, not exactly. This earth shaped hollow metallic sphere allows you to burn fire inside it. It’s a great spectacle and also provides excellent warmth. 


This is not just a pillow. Plug in the USB cable into your PC and it’ll recognize as an “ENTER” key. And at times when you’re feeling stressed out, you can smash on it as hard as you can without fear of breaking your keyboard!This button itself is made out of soft sponge material so when you get tired, you can even use it as a pillow and take a nap on it!


Frightfully Entertaining Digital Decor kit. Watch ethereal figures come through the wall, or drift by! Although this list is not all about scary stuff but we can’t ignore the fact that most of the weird stuff is scary and that’s why it earned its place here.


It might not be the brightest product on the list. But is surely the best thing to show your creativity. Make awesome nameplate for you or your colleague with best Titles you can come up with.


Pretty self-explanatory, this mug is full of attitude. We all know a special someone that this mug would suit perfectly; so whether it’s a friendly joke or a way to tell someone how you truly feel this is an ideal gift for friends, family or colleagues.


Put everyone in the house on the hot seat by interrogating them using the home lie detector test. The hand shocking lie detector will punish the subject with a electric current for their dishonesty. Great for having fun with your mates or even trying to out do, the SHOCKING LIAR will have everyone in the room enthralled. The lie detector evaluates the data and stores the information after each question giving an accumulation of data on the person being questioned. 


I am sure that most of you won’t have seen this type of USB flash drive. It is designed for Radio vacuum tube technology made in USSR in 1981. It comes with a storage of 8GB, 16GB and 64GB with regards to the price. This Ancient looking device is waiting to connect to your pc. 


This is no ordinary mask, it’s the master creating of Innovation. Best way to freak people out because of it’s ever changing colour. Your warm breath fades the ink to transparent; cool air darkens it producing a moving effect.


Be the boss of your actions even when you are dead sleep. Proudly take control of your God given right to dream with help from this lucid dreaming supplement. The supplement uses a two pill approach that helps your body achieve the ideal conditions for lucid dreaming and improved dream recall.


Scare the hell out of the ones who tries to mess around your with your PC with a Spider Mouse. This computer mouse has a spider encased in acrylic on a clear background with black LEFT and RIGHT click buttons. This optical computer mouse has a USB connection and lights up with a variety different colours.Each specimen is unique and different and may differ from the picture shown


Are you an enemy of bugs? Do you want to remove the pests from your house but they just disgust you? Well, this is a surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting task. Rid your house of all those pesky pests and have a blast while doing it. Show your shooting skills and be a terminator.

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