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All Hail the Ale!

20 Awesome Beer lovers Gadgets

Rajat Mehta | 9 May 2018

“All hail to the ale!”, one of life’s great wonders.
It can give sagacity to a simpleton and stupefy a genius. Being the world’s most favorite beverage has led to the invention of interesting beer gadgets that claims to enhance it’s experience.
From various beer opener to beer carrier there are ridiculous number of  beer gadgets blossoming in the market. As for me, the only thing I need to enjoy beer, is beer.

But if any gadget or product can add more fun to my drink, I am definitely up for it. So, I found twenty different beer gadgets that might be ridiculous to some and totally awesome to others. You decide.


The coolest beer gadget is here to keep your fridge organised. Not only fridge these strips can be used in many other ways too! place them in your garage, under shelves or even under your office cabinets. Powered by super powerful magnets these strips comes in a pack of two and can hold six beers at a time. 


Keep track of your beer intake by popping open each bottle with this beer tracking bottle opener. Each time you open a bottle, the friendly LED displays the number of bottles you have opened. Reset it in the morning and get ready to break yesterdays’ record.


The new Sonic Foamer is both fun and useful. It uses an invisible, ultrasonic sound wave to create the ideal sized bubbles for a remarkably long lasting and creamy head. It also allows you to use it multiple times on one beer. This means you can actively manage your beer head throughout the entire drinking process to maintain the best taste possible. It is also fun and impressive to use. It is like a magic trick. You set the beer on top, push the button and a new head seems to appear from nowhere. Your beer drinking friends will love it! 


Know exactly how much alcohol you have infused into our bloodstream with this smartphone breathalyzer. This lifesaving device plugs directly into your smartphone USB port and accurately shows your blood alcohol level on your phone.


How do you carry twelve beers at one go when
tailgating or in parties? The answer is this Beer ammo Bandolier. Roam around like a party alpha carrying beers on your body while taking a booze. Perfect for military parties this bandolie fits to anyone skinny or fat. 


Take your favorite party game to the next level by introducing your friends to this moving beer pong. This moving pong features a LED light at the bottom which makes it party favorite. The remote control is small but works good enough. While you move it along the table you don’t have to worry about falling from the edge, as the sensors don’t let it fall over edges. 


Guide your friends to your beach bonfire party while giving them a clear message to bring lot of beers. The flips flops are made of elastic and comfortable EVA foam soles with built in arch support and the soft straps and made up of microfibers. 


Cool your drinks in a minute! SpinChilling uses convection which allows the warm liquid in the center of the container to make its way to the outer edges of the can to be cooled instantly. he Chill Bit quickly cools almst any container of beer, soda, or wine by spinning it in ice. It fits into any standard drill and lets you SpinChill your beer as fast as you want. 


You can’t carry the fridge with your beer bottles inside but you can carry the fridge inside your bottle. The Beer Bottle Icilic just works like this by keeping your beer bottle icy cool for long hours after your remove it from the fridge. The icicle screws on to the top of the bottle and runs the entire length of the bottle to efficiently chill your drink without watering it down.


Cylindrical beer glass with two separate chambers inside that combine into one towards the lip, which allows you to mix any two beers. A wonderful secondary benefit to this glass is that you can smell the bouquet of both beers simultaneously, where normally you only smell the beer that settles on top. 


Make your parties lit af with these glow in dark beer pong set. Mix it up and turn off the lights and let things get wild with this incredible looking beer pong set. The set includes 24 cups and 3 balls, everything start glowing as the light goes off that adds an extra level difficulty to the game. 


Cruise around in style with a cold beverage and food close by with the Cruzin Cooler, a lightweight electric scooter with a built-in cooler. It’s able to travel up to 13 miles per hour and has a 250-pound rider weight capacity. Ideal for tailgating, camping, picnics, soccer games, or any sporting event, the cooler is light enough to be driven to a location and then picked up and carried. It holds up to 24 canned beverages and ice and includes a drink-access lid and holder. 


Yes you may spoil your liver by having as much beer you want but you don’t want to spoil your precious beer by the dirty pong
ball. Designed to fit 16×18 ounce disposable cups it is the perfect and only way to prevent that dirty ball from falling into beer.


If you are one of those folks who like to have a frothy crown of head on your beer, this beer foam making will be your new party friend. Just hold the button for 5-6 seconds and watch how it adds rich bubbly foam to crown your beer.. the longer your hold, the more foam you get. 


Do your struggle taking your favorite beers with you while you travel? Brewhug is the solution for you. This beer cushion pouch protects your beer while traveling. It can carry two beers at a time but works perfectly with single bottle too.


Never lose your beer again, in style. The New Beardo BeerMo’s are ideal party favours as they liven up any shindig or night out! Simply clip them on any bottled beverage! (… or baby pacifier!) Not only do they add some class to your drink, but they also make your bottle stand out from the crowd! You’ll never lose your drink again and you may even make a new friend!


Have you been searching for a perfect place to showcase all your famous or less famous beers that you have tried?Your search ends here. Beer cap country is the suggestion for you. It can hold up to 50 different beer caps that can be placed by twisting or simply pushing them into the pre-cut slots.


Cold Can of beer can’t stop you from holding it. You won’t even have to grip your can or bottle because the bottom of the mitten will prevent it from falling. It’s a sock that goes on our hand and hold your beer! 


 No one wants to drink beer that is hot as a tea. Chilled beer is love. Fill this growler with chilled beer and drink anytime you like. It will keep your beer cool for upto 24 hours and preserve it’s freshness and taste. 


Beer is just beauty when poured in glass. But this particular glass exceed the limit of perfection. A good gift for beer lovers. It fits the saying, “Bottom’s Up”. 

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