10 VR Headsets for smartphone below $50

10 Best VR Headsets for Smartphones

by Naveen Mehta | 5 Dec, 2017

A lot of  us have heard about virtual reality where one can dive into a virtual world and gets the feeling of living in that moment . VR headsets just have given us the opportunity to do that through our smartphones.

Now owing one is not gonna cost you a fortune, these devices are pretty affordable. There’s also lot of 360′ resolution movies and videos being made and are easily available on different apps, websites and on YouTube  too. So don’t worry that you won’t  find any content to watch.

 You can get cheaper devices, but I’ll highly recommend to buy a good VR for an amazing experience. I have compiled a list of 10 best affordable VR Headsets in ascending order of their price. Products suggested below  are best in their price ranges and have extremely good reviews from users.

Price: $20.99

Screen compatibility: 4.0″- 6.0″

Supports: IOS/Android

Visual Angle: 100′ – 110′

It’s a great quality product for such a price. I really liked this one because its cheap but not cheaply made. The design is sleek and lightweight. Just a simple yet awesome VR headset.

The strap is Velcro and stretchy, so it will fit pretty much fit any one. Super comfy and does not weight your face down or put pressure on your nose.

It’s more stylish looking than most I’ve seen. It is very easy to put your phone in and watch a video. The focus is adjustable. The breathable wrap on the foam around the face keeps it from getting too hot around your face and it is very soft. 

The Bottom-line: Its the perfect device to be your first VR Headest, if your budget is low.


Price: $22.99

Screen compatibility: 4.7″- 6.0″

Supports: IOS/Android

Visual Angle: 100′ – 110′

I’m pleased with these virtual reality glasses, they bring you an immersive  experience and have a glossy finished front panel which is compact and light weight. It is very safe for phone as it hold the phone with a suction grip holder.

Pansonite really put a lot of effort in making this headset comfortable at a budget price. There is very nice padding around eye area and also adjustable head leather head strap. 

It is built with very high quality and looks stylish. The virtual experience is just great. A removable front-plate is included for apps that utilize phone’s back camera in 3D world.

The Bottom-line: Pansonite is a big brand in VR market, so one can worry less about the quality.

Price: $25.98

Screen compatibility: 3.5″- 6.3″

Supports: IOS/Android

Visual Angle: 100′ – 120′

NeuTab is a really advance and featured VR Headset at this price point. The VR can monitor your ‘eye gestures’ to control its operation, which is seen in expensive VR Headsets.

Nice design and  it is very comfortable to wear.  It also comes with a controller to play the video games on your smart phone. So playing games with it gonna give a whole new experience.

This headset works with pretty much all phones. The graphic quality is great. The VR experience largely depends on the video quality. At this price point its a great product.

The Bottom-line: If you want a well featured VR at a little low price, this is the one for you.


Price: $29.95

Screen compatibility: 4.5″- 6.0″

Supports: IOS/Android

Visual Angle: 110′

The headset has a pretty unique design and it is pretty comfortable to wear with the distribution of weight with the help of the 3 way strap present in the VR headset.

The VR headset does have enough padding to not allow the light to enter inside while you are wearing the VR headset. This creates an immersive experience and that is something which should be an aim for every VR headset.

The headset is quite simple with all the comfort and a Bluetooth controller which further helps in easy navigation among the VR apps. The headset is not having any focal adjusters,  which makes it a little tricky to use.

The Bottom-line: Its a great device, plus comes with 5 years manufacturer warranty, so you get to be on safer side.

Price: $33.90

Screen compatibility:  5.0″- 6.0″

Supports: Samsung Galaxy s6/note5 and above

Visual Angle: 110′

Samsung gear is sleek and made out of sturdy plastic. Samsung made it comfier and there’s plenty of padding where the headset meets your forehead, and the strong selection of straps – one around and one over the top of your head – keeps it firmly in place.

Great visibility, really immerses you in the environment
comfortable to wear. Easy to use touch pad and directional buttons on side of unit. Plus it comes with lots of censors of its own which makes VR experience more amazing.

 Having said all that Gear VR is a top notch device but just VR headset can’t give the true feel of using it. For the full experience and power of Gear VR, one must buy  all its accessories such as a remote.  

The Bottom-line: For samsung galaxy users, gear VR is the best choice.

Price: $32.99

Screen compatibility: 4.5″- 6.0″

Supports: IOS/Android

Visual Angle: 103′

Well worth the price, easy to use. There are dials that let you change how you see the image(closer/farther away)work really well to focus the image. The touch button on the side of the headset work really well to start games and control the games without having to pull your phone out.

One of the biggest problems with the headset is the lack of a headphone port. While there’s some space for a wire between the phone and the headset cover.

DESTEK did focused on getting the lenses right, so they are made of acrylic, which according to the company, has a transmittance rate of up to 92 percent. This refers to the amount of light that passes through the lenses directly in your eyes.

The Bottom-line: For samsung galaxy users, gear VR is the great choice.

Price: $36.99

Screen compatibility: 4.7″- 6.2″

Supports: IOS/Android

Visual Angle: 120′

This is by far the best VR in the list in terms of both features and affordability. The image is clear, lightweight, it is made of high quality light plastics, a lot of soft cushions around the eyes, no pressure.

 It is pretty cool and comes with stereo real sound earphone. The headset has great sound quality and makes the VR experience much better. The adjustable strap that holds it in place is very secure and it is padded, which make it very comfortable.

Its really comfortable and safe for your eyes plus the 360  degree view and 720 degree surround sound completely immerses you in the world of virtual reality.

The Bottom-line: Highly recommended.

Price: $41.99

Screen compatibility: 4.0″- 6.0″

Supports: IOS/Android

Visual Angle: 120′

This is a great 3D Virtual Reality device. With proper adjustment on focal length and pupil distance, you will feel the thrill. Sound quality of the headphone is great, or you can use your own headphone with BlueTooth connection.

 This product comes with remote. Once connected with the VR remote you can practically control your phone as you would normally from the remote.

You can adjust the sound from the remote as well as adjust your lenses while wearing to make sure you get the best quality possible. This product won’t let you down.

The Bottom-line: Totally worth every penny.

Price: $49.99

Screen compatibility: 4.0″- 6.2″

Supports: IOS/Android

Visual Angle: 120′

VR Empire have thought alot with this VR Headset. It has the phone answering system on these glasses so you can watch a movie and not miss a call. The 360-degree viewing is so awesome. It is great against  the sweaty lenses and screen and also does well against heating of device. 

The adjustable head strap is very comfy and stays put and with the 120-degree viewing angle your sure not to miss a thing, it’s like having your own private movie theater on your head. A virtual reality headsets must have to give the illusion of the immersion that people want and this VR  do it perfectly.

Overall the sound of the headphones is great and the remote control works well too. In short its a great device to own.

The Bottom-line: Gives high performance in all aspects and provide justice to the price tag.


Price: $71.62

Screen compatibility: 4.5″- 6.0″

Supports: Android (Google Pixel, Moto and few more)

Visual Angle: 360′ Paranomic View

Google is trying to transform the VR experience from just watching videos and photos to completely diving into them. With collection of apps and games in the Daydream app you can teleport from anywhere to everywhere.

The Daydream View controller makes playing 360′ games even more immersive.It’s also motion controlled, so everything from adventure games to racing games have you steer characters and go karts with by tilting the remote. Daydream View’s lightweight, durable headset is made from soft, breathable fabric to help you stay comfortable longer. 

At present its just compatible with very few android phones But it can be called as the best VR Headset of Android phones and with Google as its maker, one can expect what the future might be for this VR.

The Bottom-line: If you are having Google Pixels or any other compatible android device, its worth spending money for such a masterpiece.

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