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by Naveen Mehta | 15 Dec 2017

It’s amazing we always manage to make a mess every day. And you will be surprised to know that most of the people spend almost two hours a day, every day, cleaning.
Yes, that an actual survey report from PR Newswire, that says the average American adult spends 13 hours a week cleaning. Women cleaning about 15.6 hours per week men about 10.2 hours per week.
At an average of 13 hours a week over your entire adult life, that comes out to 40,560 hours of cleaning. I don’t even want to calculate them into days.
Now, after looking at these stats, I felt the need to compile a list of easy, efficient and time-saving cleaning products. In this ultra-progressing world, your cleaning method can’t be backward.

You know that a product is good when it holds an Amazon Bestselling tag. If you want a spinning mop It has to be O-Cedar Spin Mop. Incomparable quality, design, and believe me it works great.

Because “I don’t do windows” isn’t an option when they’re actually yours, here’s a tool that you need. Karcher WV 50 Plus ensures streak-free, clean windows, and also saves lots of time and effort. Cleaning windows was never as easy before.

Every home needs a cleaner device for various cleaning needs of every family member. Everyday domestic cleaning as well as keeping the place totally free from any kind of disinfection is a daunting task. This device has the exclusive capability and unique features to keep the household things cleaned, keep them hygienic and save your time.

We all know the creepy part of cleaning any home; yeah, toilet. But not anymore, with Clorox Toilet Scrubber everything is done in a completely neat and clean way and your hand always remains feet away from the toilet.

Do you know how many yoga poses you make while cleaning? You climb, crouch or kneel. Help yourself- The Tub and Tile Scrubber extends from 26 inches to 42 inches with one quick twist, making it great for floors, tubs, glass shower doors, tile walls and more. Clean at different angles and in tight corners.

This cleaner, deodorizer and disinfectant use non-toxic ingredients to create a cleaning solution you can use throughout your home. Not only it’s eco-friendly but very powerful at cleaning too. Do away with the smell and risks of those chemical disinfectants and bring home a safer solution.

Get away with paper towels and chemical, with these light new quality fabric towel, that completely cleans things with just water. Works excellent for cleaning glass shower doors, wiping up small spills, wiping down flat surfaces, such as walls and counter tops, top of washer and dryer, etc. Simple cheap and efficient.

Carpets are soft and floors are rigid but Bissell carpet cleaner knows how to deal with different surfaces. Although the list contains over a dozen of handpicked amazon’s bestsellers but you just can’t ignore this deal.

You want everything to be cleaned up but don’t want your hands to get dirty? fine! That’s how we humans are.

Slap the microfiber on your paw and get to some serious cleaning business, whether its dusting, scrubbing or polishing, it will become your go-to for all kinds of dirty jobs.

I’am sure you must be having a dustbin at home and in your office. But if the dustbin is a simple plastic or a tin can, you seriously need to upgrade to some 21 century shit.

Whenever we wipe the floor, there’s always the fear of someone getting slipped on the wet surface. With this caution sign in place, you can work freely as people would be aware of the slippery floor. Plus its also look very fun to have in the home.

A vacuum cleaner is no new thing in cleaning product market. But this very product is special. It’s very economical, does not compromise on power, lightweight and can be used with both corded stick and handheld way. A perfect cleaning method if you don’t like those big and heavy vacuum cleaners.

Dusting is one of the most common things to do while cleaning, and it’s the most time taking procedure too. Cleaning through narrow or small spaces is a pain in the neck. With this power scrubber, you can reach to tight corners and it will do the work for you. With a rechargeable battery and different nozzles, it’s a great tool for cleaning.

Have you ever cleaned the ceiling or the fan? Then you will agree that it’s as difficult as it seems. No matter how much we try but that perfection never comes. But with this device, things gonna get a whole lot easier. Cord stick is long and can easily reach the top, rechargeable battery, different nozzles for angular cleaning. Overall a power packed product.

Stains are sad part of every home. No matter how much safe you play, they gonna hit at some point and the worst part is, they won’t go. Bissell stain remover saves you from the hardship of removing them with just  a swipe.

After a hectic day, what will be the benefit of a clean home, if it smells bad. Diffuser is the easiest and longest lasting way to reap the benefits of essential oils. It vaporizes your favorite essential oils and preserves their most powerful effects. It is a natural air purifier and humidifier. Good for daily use.

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