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15 Coolest Lighting gadgets

Naveen Mehta | 28/04/2018

Light is a key element in our everyday lives. It guides us throughout the day, nudging us to wake in the morning and lulling us to sleep at night. Well-appointed task lighting enhances our experience in the work place and adversely, a dimmed lamp can set the mood for a romantic dinner for two,  good lighting can boost off a party,  get anyone in good mood and can even help in concentration.

In an ideal world, our homes are full with natural lights from the Sun but while we cannot control the sun to provide us the desirable lights therefore the technology comes in to help. Sciences have helped to develop some brilliant lighting gadgets that not only adds to your interior decor but also provide you a relaxing environment.

The following list shows 15 coolest lighting gadgets gadgets that glows, sparkles, flickers, twinkles or pulses with light. These gadgets are sure to make dark ages considerably less depressing.



The story of your life will definitely shine bright with this folding book lamp. All it need it a USB cable that can connect to computer or the charger. When you open its cover, it will shine until you close it again. It can be folded right back on itself, which means it can cast a light around 360 degrees. Place it anywhere and don’t need to worry about bother of wire. The paper of the Compact book light is not the normal paper like the book, it is tear-resistance, so you don’t worry it will destroy easily! 


This 7 inch tall mini plasma nightlight puts a unique twist on the traditional boring nightlight. Simply plug it in and hit the switch to be amazed by it’s wild electrical arcs. Run your finger around the globe and the bolts of electricity will follow.


Flyte is a levitating light bulb powered through the air, and yes, you read it right, the bulb is lit up wirelessly, no battery or power cables needed. Bulb can be turned on or off just by touching the base.It uses energy efficient LEDs that can last up to 50,000 hours. That’s 12 hours a day for 11 years! 


When stepping out of bed, a warm soft glow of light will turn on to guide you safely across the room, 
with no disturbing glare to wake others and no fumbling to find the light switch in the dark. With build in  human body passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor light, it illuminate as soon as your foot touches the ground. The smart light system not only saves energy but also work as no disturbance glare to wake others.


Give your living room an eye-catching factor by lighting the place up using this unique dome lamp. This amazing piece of decor comes with a wooden base and a glass dome on top. The low power consumption makes the galaxy dome suitable for use over extended periods of time,the LED dissipate very little heat and are energy efficient,using only 3-6W of power,without worry of the surfaces getting hot to the touch or your electricity bills soaring.


According to the experts “your eyes are very sensitive to even small changes in brightness.So, as on-screen content fluctuates between light and dark scenes, your pupils become constricted and dilated accordingly. This leads to eye-fatigue which then results in tiredness and possibly headaches. Having some ambient lighting in the room will allow your eyes to have a base level of room-luminance, thus avoiding this problem”. Ambient TV backlight lighting can really help to improve your perception of contrast, and make panel monitors much easier on the eyes. 


Lighting takes shape! Looking to spice up your interior, outdoors, or party decor with something a little unique? Your search ends here. Bring home these cool furniture cubes featuring beautiful colored LED lighting. The high quality battery can power a cube for over 12 hours.


Little Kids or the Grown Up kids who are afraid of darkness can use these portable globes as a light source. These colored nightlight balls fades away after 30 minutes as you fall asleep. You may choose any color that you like. variety of color options are available



Add a magical element to your bedroom by lighting your bedroom with this magnetic balance lamp. This lamp is available in three different shapes- Oval, Circular and Square. All of these models features a magnetic stick with a magnetic ball at the end that hangs in mid-air while the lights runs along the interior frame.


Bring some old school charm to your desk by placing a Vintage lamp on the Desk. This vintage lamp brings the past and present together. It showcase a twentieth century design and modern twenty first century energy effecient technology.


Have a better vision of what you are drinking with the colors emitted by these Light up Glasses. The glow in the dark shot glasses are easily activated with their built in slammer activator disc.


Create a colorful nightime atmosphere in the backyard with these solar sun jars, an eco-frindly alternative of regular lamps that provides much better lighting at a flick of a switch. They provide a rustic touch to the yard while emitting a soft glow ideal for relaxing under the starry sky.


Lit up your bedtime by surrounding yourself with relaxing waves that responds to the music that you play. This is a versatile gadgets and can work for many purposes apart from bedtime like showering waves in a dark party or using it for concentrating on studies, releiveing stress etc.


This lamp won’t do you much good unless you’ve managed to collect all three pieces of the Triforce – especially Power! 

Okay, fine, you don’t actually need the Triforce of Power to power this lamp. It runs off of an included 5V DC 500mA 2.5 watt USB power cord (thanks for all the stats, Fi!) or off of 3 AAA batteries (not included). The 8-inch long sides have a special cutout that projects the royal Wingcrest onto your wall. Use it to shed light into dark places, like the crypts beneath the royal family’s grave, or your bedroom or office!


Made with first class 3D printing technology this Moon lamp features a almost real looking moon sculpture with a LED control stick to the bottom. With dimmable light options varying from warm to cool this moon lamp will surely add to your lighting paradise. 

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