50 Must have OFFICE DESK accessories

by Rajat Mehta | 10 Dec, 2017

For all those people who spend 10+ hours of their lives a day in front of the office desk knows how a messed up desk could ruin the work mood and also shows a bad PR in front of the colleagues. Therefore it is a must that we ensure the workstation to be a place of comfort and reflects the your personality to a great extent.

It doesn’t matter if you have large work space or small desk. All that matters is how you present yourself and you will find it easier to focus on your work because of the better work environment you created. You may never know how small things on your desk create an impact on your work and sometimes help you overcome stress.

Here are a few tips to fill up your space.

50 office desk accessories:

Magnetic Sand Timers look classy on office desk. It can also be helpful to complete small work tasks in set interval of times.

Stress relief office desk accessories

We all get frustrated of office work and some times in this frustration one end up breaking important stuff. Its a must have for an angry person’s desk.

When you are exhaustd from office work, this cup could save the effort of stirring for dissolving suger or to cool down the tea.

Silent mouse for office

 For guys that have to deal with lots of packing in the office. You deserve a tape dispenser that matches your style.

Everyone has a small desk clock on to check time in office. It should be cool as this cube clock.

Otter taper dispenser

For guys that have to deal with lots of packing in the office. You deserve a tape dispenser that matches your style.

To remove boredom, one must have something on his office desk and newton craddle is just perfect for such situations.

We all need motivation during work and to have pinned photo of your family or any special quote near your desk is all you need.

While working on big projects, sometimes you need to attach alot of USB devices to your Laptop. At those moments this might be a great help to you.

For how long you gonna keep your bussiness cards in your wallet or in your office drawer. Give them a separate holder. Also, it looks professional.

For those who love some cool tech toys. How about a floating Globe on your office desk?

When bordem hits , its time to showoff you creativity with these magnetic balls

 No one likes a huge mess of wires all over the table. They look creepy. Arrange them with this cool cover.

Its no fun having a boring cardboard calander on the desk when you are so cool.

A pencil or penstand is a must have on a office desk. But is it cool?

A cool office desk is equal to cool you. If your books are kept like this, you are the savage in the office.

 A globe on any office desk gives the feel that the person sitting there is smart and a workoholic.

Color Changing Mug

Color changing Mug

A cool guy like you need a cool mug too. One can check from outside that how warm is the tea inside it.

This is nothing unique, one must have a journal on his desk, just to show people around that work is important for you.


Wood stand for iPhone

Its hard sometimes to use phone while working. Have this holder on your desk, so that you can see notifications easily.

Everyone loves to have hot coffee/tea, but sometimes work delay the time and coffee becomes cold. This ia a must have device.

Decorate your office space with the best stuff and a wooden calander fits that definition well.

No one likes to stand in the queue for warming lunch in the oven. Crockpot Lunch Warmer keep the food warm and fresh for you to eat.

There’s a lot of time when one feel stressed out because of the overload of work at the office. Calm your minds with this stress relieving toy.

Fill up your office space with coloured note entitling you goals and objectives. Its shows that you are complelety focused to the work.

A think board is one of the best thing to have if you work in the planning board.

There are times when you are too confused making decisions. Not big Offical decisions but can use this device to make samll choices with it based on luck.

Keep you hands busy while thinking or just relaxing with this squishy putty.

These toys have been proven to build concentration!

Rubix Cube is the best mind concentration object and is a must have on evry office desk

Fill the environment around your desk with sweet fragrance. It keep your nose and mind focused.

Hold your all office keys in this key chain that also has a light in it so that you are also covered in the dark.

A cool lamp to have on the side of the desk which can also be changed into different shape

Show your basketball skills while taking a break with this small toy. Its a great way to fill up used energy.

A well designed office desk won’t have anything used as an peperweight other than a cool paperweight like this.

With this device, you don’t have to worry a bit that how you gonna charge you phone, your Tab, or your Laptop at a single place.

A nice piece of decoration on the desk and sometimes can be used as a time pass.

 A letter opener is a very important tool to have on every office desk.

This little fridge on your office desk gonna make you a star in other eyes. Put a Can in it and drink chilled beverage anytime you want.

Calm down your stress, with this amazing toy.

There are a whole lot types of spinners to reduce stress and this is a Lit one.

Its doesn’t matter if this is in trend or not. Figdet spinner aan effective toy to calm your senses.

 Sometimes the normal lighting conditions does not feels good when you are working . Having a Desk lamp always comes handy.

A stained, dirty desk is all need to ruin your mood.

Well this thing is in the funny side. You can tease your collegues by pushing that ‘bullshit button’ whenever they say something insane.

Its really diffifuct to have your car key, home keys and office keys in one place and its really uncomfortable to keep them in pockets. Try this.

 Do you like to write down all the things you gonna do in a day. Well then this notepad is just made for you.

Rather than having a lot of objects to hold different things on the desk. You can have just one. Good for small office desks.

Its not necessary that only work stuff should be on your office desk, a little extra decoration is always appreciated.

Do you like any TV or Movie character. How about having its Action figue on the desk? You will feel nice.

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