Gadgets inspired by Avengers

12 Gadgets inspired by Avengers

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Naveen Mehta | 25 Jan 2018

The best thing that I like about the Avengers is how it incorporates heroes from different movies into a single universe, so convincingly and while doing justice to every character’s screen presence.

It portrays them as a team instead of a gathering of heroes. The film resonated with its audience like no other. The merging of the science and supernatural, everything about this movie is just WOW.

Avengers merchandise is one of the top selling merchandise in movies history. One can get toys, clothing, coffee mugs, you name it and they all are in high demand.

In this post, I am going to show you some awesome gadgets that are inspired by the mighty Avengers movies. And if you are a big fan of the movie series than I am sure you’ll definitely want to get your hand on them and if you are not a fan, you’ll still find these Avengers Gadgets very intriguing.


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Don’t take away Iron Man’s  ability to fly by purchasing good for nothing idle statues.This tiny Iron Man utilizes electromagnetic attraction and repulsion to create a hovering effect so that the Mark II appears to be flying! Relieve your boredom with the Iron Man floating action figure.


Bang the Beat hard with the power of Thor’s wireless bluetooth speaker. I would  say this is a fun gift for kids, but once you experience the rich iHome audio, you’ll want this Superhero speaker for yourself. This one of a kind speaker is fast becoming an Avengers collectible. Never before have you seen such incredible visual detailing, combined with wireless functionality and room expanding base. A perfect gift for lovers of sound, Avengers and Thor!


Feel the power of mighty hulk at your office desk by placing a 3D Hologram there. Truly a gadget from the future. It can be best used a a nightlight in your children rooms and maybe in your room too if you are one of those grown up kid.


In the dead of night, he waits, storing electricity until the moment it’s needed… the moment when all is lost, when your batteries have run dry, when you’re faced with the terrifying specter of no more battery life. He arrives! Cool and calm, he saves the day and lends you his power when you have none of your own


Hey you there – the world is in danger. Ultron is attacking and it’s time to get the band back together, so to speak. The Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow are joining forces to help save everything … and Captain America is nowhere to be found. The team looks to you to take up Cap’s shield and lead them to victory. At least, that’s how you’ll feel every time you pick up your Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America Shield Backpack. 


Give your children a shine of hope against nighttime terrors with the Captain America shield nightlight. The Captain has used his super strength to thrust his trusty shield into the wall and shine bright all night long.


Apart from having mystical powers guess whats need to be a superhero. No rocket science you need an AWESOME THEME SONG. Provide your own background music with the Captain America: Civil War Iron Man Helmet Bluetooth Speaker. The Bluetooth speaker wirelessly streams audio anywhere from up to 30-feet. Providing powerful sound performance, it also allows you to answer and end speaker-phone calls


Handle your steak, chicken, and other meats like the barbarian warlord that you really are with these Wolverine meat forks. Let the savagery outburst and tear apart every bit of steak. Possibly  best gift for parents who are big meat lovers.


Everyone’s favorite web-slinger is back in Spider-Man: Homecoming, sporting a new high-tech gadget. Own the Official Movie Edition Spider-Drone, a functional replica of Spidey’s eight-legged, surveillance drone. The flight controller with spidey-suit inspired design includes Voice Feedback .Complete the experience by downloading the free Spider-Drone app, which hosts a flight manual, checklist of flight achievements and other enhancements. This Spider-Drone is a must for any wall-crawler collection. 


I tell you, it’s the coolest USB flash drive I have seen and it also might be the case for you. This 8 GB flash drive looks like Thor’s hammer and is a great piece of gadget to have as a Avengers fan.


Ironman is an overpowered hero and it can easily destroy anything in the way. Do you want Ironman breaking through your wall? Well how about a hand? 


Use your spider sense to make a shift as and when possible. this easy to fit Spiderman knob will easily fit to any manual transmission gear stick

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