24 Best Gifts ideas

24 Best Gifts ideas

24 Best Gift ideas

by Rajat Mehta | 01 Dec, 2017

What’s a perfect Gift? This question always arises to our mind whenever someone’s birthday or anniversary pops up. It’s a fact that most of the people are not good at choosing gifts and that might be the reason why you landed on this page. It will be a lie if I say that the things I have suggested below are perfect for everyone. But if you can relate to what I am saying with the person you want to buy a gift for, then you have found the perfect gift for him/her.

Everyone’s different and have different hobbies and passion. So, below there are some ideas that might prove to be a good gifting option.

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The Health Nuts:

 We all have some people in our life that are very health conscious and fitness freaks. Most of the time when you call them they are either in the gym or yoga club or are doing some crazy workout. So gifting them something that might be helpful to them will be a great choice.


Adidas team duffel bag

If recipient goes to the gym or other fitness centers daily then gifting them a cool and stylish duffel bag is a great idea. Adidas duffel bags are made to last long so making your remembrance in other heart long too. The bag is really stylish, water resistance, comfortable and can easily carry all the gear that is needed by him/her.



A Wireless Bluetooth Headphone is always a great option to gift to a fitness lover. People love to listen to favourite tracks while working out or while jogging. This Sony headphone is a choice great for gifting. Not only it has Sony’s same, it’s also quite affordable and can give expensive headphones a run for their money


Oster blender Smoothy Maker

People who take so much care of their health are always choosy of what they eat or drink. So gifting a smoothie maker will definitely help you score a point. Oster blender is very compact device and easy to carry when one’s travelling.


Wesooo Fitness Tracker watch

What better gift you can give to fitness freak than a device that can help them to improve their health.  Wesoo is a device that tracks workouts, sleep, calories etc. and show the results via an app on a smartphone. Gifting a fitness track is surely a good thing to show that you care about the likes of that person.

Love Birds

Whatever you gift to your lover is dear to him/her, so it is necessary to gift them something that’s touches their heart even more and shows your feelings clearly. Although its difficult to suggest something that will be true to your feelings but the things that I showed below might do the trick if you are confused.


What I Love About You

This is a little book that contains fill-in-the-blank lines with some random questions describing some aspect of your affection for a loved one. This is a kind of gift that can really touch someone’s heart.


Plush Toys

What creature your partner likes the most? It doesn’t matters if its a gift for a guy or a girl, because everyone loves stuffed toy of an animal, action figure they likes the most. We all have a kid in us and that kid loves such surprises.

LBFEEL Heart Pendant

Well its completely different from normal heart pendants we see but there’s a unique feeling when you gift your partner this pendant as its your own heart. This pendant opens and inside you can put the small photos of you and your lover on each side giving it an emotional touch.


Beecfield Unisex Scarf

Scarf is a clothing suited best on both male and female. Scarfs looks trend and stylish on anyone who wears it. Its a very nice gifting option too plus they are very economical. Choose the style that will look best on your partner and gift them a beautiful scarf.

Music lover

Everyone loves music but there are people in our lives for whom music is life and for those music lovers gifting something that is related to music will surely make them very very happy.


Lepow Modre

Gifting a small pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker is a nice present for a music lover. But undermine it for its size and price, the kind of audio power Lepow is able to achieve is great. It’s great for personal listening. Plus it has a unique and beautiful design.


Victrola Vintage

Admirers of vintage music records are just gonna love this product. It’s classic and stylish with new technology embedded in it. Gifting such a beautiful thing to a music lover will definitely going to make you special in the eyes of the recipient.



You can gift this cool flash drive filled with all the beautiful songs and videos that you and the recipient likes. This is a nice touch to show that how much you know about that person. It has an 8 GB space that means you are fully covered.


Encore Game

For musically inclined people, who loves to sing and enjoy playing games like “Guess the Song” or “Sing Along” Encore will be a very sweet gift. Encore is a card game, with each card having a word on it. The person has to draw a card and sing a song with that word in it.

Tech Lovers

 I am sure we all have a lot of people in our lives those who loves cool sci-fi and innovative products. Whenever you visit them, they always a new tech product to show to you.  Show them that you’re also living in 21th century by gifting them a cool tech product and win their hearts.


Witti Design: Notti

Notti is an elegant Mood Light that can be used a table decoration but more than that it’s a lot technically advanced. It shows you notifications from your smartphone, can be used as music lights and an alarm light. It’s a gift that’s cool as well as a lot useful.


Momoday Music Beanie

What can be a nicer gift than a cool beanie that can play music. It not only gonna protect the recipient from cold winter but will also allow them to listen to music while doing a variety of other activities.


NeuTab VR

A lot of us have heard about virtual reality where one can dive into a virtual world and gets the feeling of living in that moment. NeuTab is a great VR Headset that works with both IOS and Android and is also the best gifting option for a tech lover. We have also made a list of top ten budget VR headset, do check that if you are interested to buy a VR.

Mug Warmer

Everyone wants their coffee/tea to be hot.Well Mug warmer do that very efficiently for you. It is compact and can be kept on the table and it will keep your coffee warm for you. It is a great gift for a coffee/tea lover with touch of innovation to it. 

The Explorers


S.O.L Survivor Kit

For an adventurous guy whose too much into survival or that kind of stuff. Gift them this collection of essential survival tools in one lightweight, easy to carry, indestructible package. Besides, one might never know when this might comes handy to the user.


SOI Light

When one’s outdoor in the night or in general, it’s really difficult to find stuff in your backpack. SOI is a device that uses Proximity sensors to utilize energy fields from your hand to activate the light without any need for buttons or switches. It’s a great gifting option.



One is always worried about the health of his/her loved ones if they travel a lot, like the safety of food or water they’ll have etc etc. LifeStraw is a tool that solves one such problem. It can purify highly contaminated water with ease. It is compact and the recipient can take it anywhere without any difficulty.


Thermos Stainless King

Everyone loves their beverage to be of perfect temperature.THERMOS  brings vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold; keeps liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours, so that your outdoor experience don’t get ruined.

Gifts for all

Here are some more gifting options that will be loved by everyone despite whatever their interests might be.


Color changing Mug

Mugs have been proven to be a great gift. The touch of technology has really changed the traditional mugs. The heat-sensitive mugs changes its colour after its temperature rises to a certain point. This could be a surprise element for your recipient and will surely bring a smile to their day.


Philips e-Tooth Brush

Gifting something that can be used everyday is indeed a great choice to gift. An electronic tooth brush will take care of your giftee’s beautiful smile. Apart from this the product itself comes from a trusted brand- Philips which is determined to offer innovation for life.


Amazon Echo Dot

Believe it or not but a budget gift cannot be better then this. Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device with a small built-in speaker—it can also connect to your speakers or headphones over Bluetooth to play music, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information etc. 


Moon Lamp

Things that add lights to life are worth gifting. This LED light is a unique lamp with dual LED lights. The texture and lights feels so real that its actually like handling a real moon. This product is
really a great gift for anyone.

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