"Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never tell"

10 Ways to preserve your memories.

– Rajat Mehta| 15 Dec,2017|

Do you remember the first day you went to school?- Ahh! I guess not, but do you know how you looked that day? Probably Yes, because your parents captured that memory for you. At that moment, a picture was not taken but fragment of time was stored that’s not only important to you but as well as for your parents, siblings and for your children, it will hold importance too. All that emotions of different people held by a single photograph. Isn’t it amazing that a preserved piece of past could hold so much value?

What actually a memory is?

Memory is a portal that unlocks that door of time and at that moment it doesn’t matter if the present world is in motion- “you are lost in the fog of the past”. You know you can’t change anything but it feels safe.

Memories make your life meaningful.

Life passes on in moments and we have to try to collect the fragments of it because your existence matters a lot to the people around you and your memories are equally precious. You never know when the warmth and tenderness of your Grandma will fade away, time is unforgiving. Memories are things you can treasure forever, you can share with other people and change who you are as a person. Experiences with others can change how you look at the world, how you perceive others and help you grow as a human being. Memories and stories are things you can share with your grandchildren, your friends and family, the people in your yoga class.

Fact Book

We start forming memories after 20 weeks of being born.

We can never fill up the storage capacity of our brain.

New brain connections are made in our brain every time we form a new memory.

Positive memories are more likely to be lost than the negative ones.

Here are some great IDEAS for you:

1. Catch them in a Frame

We have memories of good days and bad days, whatever may be the reason for reckoning those days, memories bring a smile on our lips. These beautiful memories are captured in pictures which have to be preserved properly. Picture frames are the best way to protect your photos from both natural and human damages.

Our Recommendations:

2. Collage frames are even better

Instead of having many frames that eats up lot of space, Collage frames makes things little compact. Also, Collages are visually very catchy and shows larger story at a unified place.

Our Recommendations:

3. Got Bucks! Buy Smart Frames

If you like to put new photos in frames after a while and its time consuming, also you doesn’t want to buy whole lot of new frames. Then try Smart frames with one click photo change from your phone, slide shows, Time and date display etc.

Our Recommendations:

4. Build your own Website

Building a website is as easy as maintaining a diary and on top of that its almost free with resources like WordPress and WIX. You may write blog posts on the places you have been to, decorate you website with some photos and beautiful memories of yours.

5. Create online Scrapbooks

Create, share and store memories by making scraps online with website like ,

6. Collect Tickets and Bills

Collect the tickets and bills from the places you have been to, This will surely bring you some good memories when you see them in the future.

7. Make A Video Diary

Every one record special events in life but its not like that. Try to make a 1-2 minute video of yourself daily talking about stuff happening in life. Its much more easy than managing a original diary.

8. Instant Photo Camera

Collect the tickets and bills from the places you have been to, This will surely bring you some good memories when you see them in the future.

Our Recommendations:

9. Write Online Diary

With some absolutely free and excellent websites like, PENZU.COM and diary writing not only becomes easier but interesting at the same time. You can insert images and videos in your diary and you will collect a lot of memories in a long run.


10. Use Social media

You can use social media as a free tool not only to store your memories but also to share them with you colleagues and friends. 

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