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15 gadgets to make lazy morning more fun and easy

Mornings are full of energy and freshness for some and for others it’s a struggle to get thier shit together and kickstart the day.

Everyone needs a boost in the morning. That’s why nearly two-thirds of Americans guzzle at least one cup of coffee a day, but caffeine isn’t the only way to make your morning as exciting, energetic, and awesome as the rest of your day.

That’s why in this post I have created a list of gadgets that will transform your morning workout, improve your grooming routine, turn breakfast into the best meal of the day, and give you a much-needed jumpstart just seconds after the blare of the alarm hits your ears.

Wake up every morning with the thought that something good will happen and these gadgets will handle the rest.


Wake up! a cup of tea is ready. This tea making alarm clock will automatically prepare you a fresh cup of tea every morning and get you refreshed as soon as you turn of the alarm. It features a compact design that’ll fit easily on your nightstand.


Brighten up your morning by adding some colors to it with a refreshing shower under a color changing shower head. Rather than having to deal with boring clear water, you’ll be doused by a visually pleasing and physically refreshing rainbow of cleanliness.


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does taking a shower – that’s why we recommend both daily.” Its morning, you know the day is going to be hard. All you need is some motivation and  positive thoughts that will empower you to face the day. This motivational curtain is good enough to put you in high spirits everyday.


How good are your shooting skills? If they aren’t good enough here is a chance to perfect them. Perfect your sharpshooter skills with this target practice alarm clock that forces you to become a good shot to effectively turn off the annoying wake up alarm. 


Guns not your thing? No problem! I have got a better option for you. This piece of innovation will make you ditch those loud annoying alarms once and for all! This sunrise simulating alarm clock gradually increases the brightness from a level of 1 to 100  so that you wake up in a more natural way.


Jam out to your favorite songs during cleaning time using this Bluetooth shower speaker. The speaker comes with a built-in suction cup and features a compact and sturdy water resistant design.


Your hectic morning can be turned a bit smoother by preparing your coffee with this self stirring mug. At the push of a button this unique mug automatically begins to mix the contents of your mug – perfect for lazy tea and coffee drinkers everywhere.


The breakfast game dun changed – and everything you thought you knew about the most important meal of the day is about to shift.  This awesome dual breakfast sandwich maker will allow you create scrumptious meal for two in just five short minutes. 


Fix that unruly disaster in the morning you call hair in just seconds with the morning head hair cap. Sticking your head under a sink is messy and is not the most fun thing in the world to do when you’re still half asleep. Morning Head is designed to circumvent this process by making it easier and faster to get your hair wet and ready to style. Simply fill the cap with water and slosh it around. The super absorbent material inside the cap absorbs the majority of the water, but gets just wet enough to soak your hair, making it easier to style


The simplest, easiest and cleanest method to cut butter slices is here. Perfect for preparing toast in the morning. This butter slicer also works as a container for your butter so it doesn’t start hanging out with the wrong crowd in the fridge. 


Everyone knows the pain of getting toothpaste out from the tube which is about to get empty but still holds enough to be used 10 times? And it’s even worse when you have to do this in a sleepy state. More than 100 tubes of toothpaste get wasted in a lifetime due to this reason. Use this gadget for easy extraction of the paste. It’s time saving and very economical. 


These adorable Toothpaste Heads replace your boring old toothpaste cap with cute little animals. Brushing your teeth will become fun. Watch how motivated your children become to brush their teeth. They will be excited to brush with help from their new pal! Toothpaste squeezes out of their mouths and onto your brush. Cover the opening with their hands when finished.

From bodybuilders to soccer moms, egg whites are a great healthy breakfast choice. But separating the yolk from the whites can seem like pulling a rabbit from a hat. Enter Quirky’s Pluck, the yolk extractor you’ll wish you had from the start.


Tired of sleeping through your alarms? Do you hit the snooze button over and over again? Ruggie is designed to get you out of bed when the alarm sounds. Ruggie needs to sense your pressure for at least 3 seconds to stop its alarm, this time can be prolonged up to 30 seconds! It also plays custom motivational speeches!

Sometimes drinking more water is all we need to feel energilzed and brighten our mood. The Hidrate Spark 2.0 smart water bottle will keep track of your water habit and help you meet your daily hydration goal. The bottle will light flash to remind you to drink more water.

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