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Naveen Mehta| 5 Mar 2018

We are living in the 21st century and yet still admire the beauty of the past and why not, it was the era of art, architecture, heavy machinery, fashion and culture. Now imagine the 20th century’s era combining with the 21st century’s technology. The marvellous fantasy combination of the olden times mixed with a perspective on future is artistic and strikingly intriguing.

Steampunk gadgets are stunning twists to many functional items being produced today. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that mainly focuses on creating products that look old and vintage yet is packed with the latest technology.

The 20th century was such an extreme and artistic era that many sci-fi enthusiasts got so much inspiration that they turned a variety of products into steampunk creations. In this post, I have arranged a list of wide range steampunk gadgets that will make anybody nostalgic.

Dive right in !!


Decorate your home/office with a unique fully functional brass sun dial. Amazingly designed, weighing about 10 ounces this small piece of innovation not only looks good but its working is also appreciable. A Compass with a Sundial Clock fused together with a shiny brass body reflects the classy 90’s style.


The consummate gentleman always has a lighter to please his lady friends and you know style have different meanings for steampunk accessories. This pure copper oil fueled lighter is a heavy lighter (73gms) but that is good enough to compromise for a gentleman’s style.


Try giving your PC a vintage feel by plunging in a steampunk style keyboard. This keyboard have vintage inspired handcrafted typewriter keycaps with chrome trim that lasts a lifetime. The LED backlights are perfectly fused to deliver a vintage handcrafted typewriter experiance.


Take a trip down the memory lane every time you check the time with a vintage mechanical pocket watch. It comes with an antique bronze finish along with an exposed gears design that allows you to see how they spin as the minutes go by.


Now you tell me. How good will this piece of masterpiece look on your desk/shelf? Though the list is all about gadgets but the little guy is a sure collectable for any steampunk lover.


This gear wall art is a great décor solution for the mechanically inclined or anyone who appreciates an industrial look and feel. The rugged design of the stationary, over-sized sprockets is constructed of hand painted metal, and is centered with a Roman-numeral clock. The clock operates on 1 AA battery, which is sold separately.


Whether you’re drinking your morning coffee, mead, ale or your favorite beverage from this stainless steel lined cast resin tankard, it’s sure to taste sweeter when you raise it in toast! Featuring a steampunk inspired dragon design with screw, gear and cog accents, this 5.5 inch long (including the handle), 4.5 inch high, 3.5 inch diameter (11 X 11 X 9 cm) hand painted metallic finish tankard is a perfect for dragon lovers and steampunk enthusiasts sure to be enjoyed!


Follow a true Victorian fashion when it comes to saving your precious documents. Save them in a steampunk glowing USB drive. This 16gb drive is designed with a distinctive steampunk style body and features a embedded bulb that glows bright when you transmit your data.


Bring out that vintage look in your home decor with a water piping desk lamp , perfect for any setting and adds simplicity and grace to your room of choice. A Piece of Industrial steampunk design with appropriate modern antique look and great craftsmanship.


Steampunk meets real world usability with this telescope ring that includes a built in compass, magnifying glass, and of course a small folding compass. Made from cast metal and available in multiple ring sizes, this telescope ring is a practical yet stylish steampunk accessory.


That’s a one heck of a cool table lamp. Made up of wood and metal pipe, it’s a genuine representation of how 20th century items were made by using the common items available. 


This classy looking flask  is inspired by the pirate era style flasks with leather cover. A nice commodity to have at  home and an awesome addition to Captain Hook’s Cosplay apparatus.


This is the most common thing in this list and we all can relate to it easily. Although now every home has LED bulbs but the nostalgia these vintage bulbs used to create is still price less. Not as the light source but they can look really pretty as decorative.


Those of you who want to design their home in 20th century theme decor or you are vintage telephone lover then you can’t miss on this item. It’s very existence is filled with vintage history. Plus, it works just as other latest telephones.


Well, its not a gadget but a very cool vintage looking toy. Can be a great gift for kids or a nice add up to a steampunk costume party.

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