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Naveen Mehta| 21 Jan 2018

Over time technology has come a long way from over-sized computers to computers that can fit in your purse. Not just that, there are many super advanced gadgets that can even fit in your small pockets.

For people like me, those who don’t like to carry around big and bulky gadgets with them, it might be a blessing in disguise.

Every one of us has seen spy movies and got fascinated by the cool tiny gadgets they use. Well, it’s difficult to get the exact ones but there are many tiny gadgets revolving in the market that solves major problems and their key strength is that they are tiny.

These gadgets are not just cute or fun by looking at their size, they are highly powerful and can be similarly effective as their bigger sized counterpart.

In this list, I tried to bring you the most productive tiny gadgets that are there in the market and there’s a fun fact to it-“All these gadgets are so tiny that you have 5-6 of them in your pockets and still there will be space left for your smartphone”.

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Get over with bulky headphones and tangled earphones. Your ears need some comfort, a secure fit, powerful music and something which is suitable for variety of scenes. You can have each of them with these super small and  almost invisible earphones. Completely diminishing the concept of wires, the headphone uses magnetic inductive charging so you never have to fiddle with cords.


A little bigger than a Golf ball but sounds way beyond the size. As its tagline says -“the cutest, tiniest most kick butt speaker on the planet”. With features like wireless connection and a selfie remote these little guys are a blast.


The world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker just got 25% smaller. Tile Mate easily loops onto keychains or attaches to anything you don’t want to lose so you can find it fast. Tile Mate is the easiest, quickest and most reliable way to find your phone, keys — anything! Read full review here 


Small is good, Small is powerful- this speaker is an example. This amazing tiny speaker will blow your mind, you can use it with any device such as cellphone tablet iPod laptop PC Mp3 player, you just plug the jack direct into the earphone jack and boom you will feel like you added a huge sound system to your phone or tablet


When I say world’s smallest camera, I really mean it . Measuring a mere 1.1 x 1 x 1 inches this tiny camera has an impressive two megapixel camera with an automatic focusing lens and also works as a video camera.


Quit struggling to watch Netflix on that small iPhone screen, because now you can watch full size TV and movies on the go with this portable iPhone movie projector. Simply connect it to your iPhone, and enjoy a crisp 60-inch media projection on any smooth surface


Worlds highest capacity sd card (200gb) is smaller then your fingernail- Technology has evolved once again.


Stop taking out your phone for every little thing when there is a easy way to interact with your device. Flick is a wireless button that connects to your iOS or android device, Flick is programmed to do almost any tasks  from location sharing to alarm snoozing. Instead of having to go through several motions on your phone, you can designate up to three commands into one button (e.g., one click: play/pause music, two clicks:call mom, and hold: order an Uber).


With a size smaller then your phone this keyboard projector allows you have the functionality of a full size keyboard – with the added benefit of wireless Bluetooth technology. Easy to carry and fun to use, this could be your anywhere to go keyboard.


Languages are beautiful, fascinating, but also frustrating and even dangerous when you and a person in front of you can’t understand each other. If you’re someone who isolates his or her travels to English-speaking destinations only, your world may have just opened up. Pilot is a smart earpiece language translator that uses the latest in speech recognition technology to clearly understand other languages. 


Which parts of your body needs most heat? Obviously the ones that are most exposed to cold weather, your hands. Zippo hand warmer is simple- need some heat? Flame the gadget and put it inside your palm. Zippo handwarmer is a must have winter gadget. The best part is that it can provide continuous heat for 12-16 hours.


Although there is an impressive element involved  in every levitating gadget but this one is my favorite. The reason being it gives you a option to levitate any of your special models, jewelry, memorabilia and other collectibles in midair. It can hold up to 13 oz in mid and adjusts automatically to changing weights(making up to 1000 corrections per second)


Drive Smart! protect yourself from insurance fraud next time you get into an accident. Just install this tiny and powerful device in your vehicle. This tiny cam mounts directly onto your car’s windshield so that you can accurately capture events that occur while driving.


If you’re looking for peace of mind every time you leave the house, this power bank wouldn’t disappoint you. Smaller than a deck of cards and as light as a baseball, this tiny portable charger can charge your phone over three times. 


Get yourself some totally cool Steampunk style! Not only amazing looking, but relatively functional, too. This small little gadget can transform from just a great-looking ring into a magnifying glass! Plus, it’s got a compass on it.  If you’re into Steampunk, then you really need to get yourself this ring.

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