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Naveen Mehta | 01 Dec 2017

This,  is the era of smart. Smart-phones, Smart-Television, Smart Watches, Smart speakers and- YES! Smart people like you. Devices have been transformed to the extent of possibilities and can surely go beyond. Your Grandparents would never have imagined that a single tap on a shiny rectangular slab will make food reach doors, or get a taxi?  The extent to which a gadget can be helpful is not limited by its size. More and more functionalities are available in a limited space.

In this list, I have tried to show 10 best gadgets that are made with state of art technology. These products can change our daily lives and might help in making things easier, bright and colourful for us.



Price: $178.58

Still peeking out from the door’s keyhole or window when somebody rings your doorbell, wondering who is at the door when you didn’t expect a visitor.

Well, Skybell does the work easier for you. Skybell is a smart video doorbell that allows you to see, hear and speak to a visitor with the free iOS and Android mobile apps. Every time someone hits your bell, you get notified on your phone.

Skybell could be your step towards building a smart home. The key attribute of Skybell is that it actually looks like a bell and no one has to be confused when they walk up, looking for a button to press.

Skybell’s motion sensor will alert you when an unwanted visitor doesn’t press the doorbell and the full-colour night vision helps you see perfectly at night.

SkyBell helps you enjoy a safer home by allowing you to know who’s at the door. With Skybell at your front door, you are free to leave the house and answer the door. Make your home safer by starting with the front door.


Amazon Echo

Price: $99.99

Amazon Echo is the Amazon’s flagship product.

To explain it in simple word, this product act as your assistant in your home or office managing simple tasks for you and it also entertains you.

Give commands to Alexa (The AI for interaction) like ask for the weather updates, play music, control smart home devices such as bulbs, microwave, washing machine and much more.

On the top it got seven microphones which let it hear your from any direction easily.

You can download Alexa app and connect it to your home network through your phone, it easily connects with smart lights and another setup in your home.

It’s certainly not a plaything and can be very useful. It’s a good home helper with managing your lights, and you can ask it to remember things such as products for the shopping list, managing time on the oven.

It also comes with a remote control to give the command to Alexa if you are too far and don’t want to shout.

With new feature/updates added by Amazon frequently, it will get better day by day

Muse Headband

Price: $174.99

 Meditation helps you to be more active in the present and helps you to properly understand your emotions. 

Muse is a brain sensing headband that helps you meditate. The innovation is one of its kind.

The device interfaces with an app that is free to download and is connected by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

When connected with the app, you are asked to choose the length of the meditation, it can be of 3 to 20 minutes. Then you are asked to choose the soundscape that will be played while you are meditating.

Now, all you have to do is to get into a comfortable position and close your eyes and focus on your mind to be more peaceful.

The best part of this background music is that if your brain is very active the sound will get loud and when you are calm the sound will get peace peaceful.

Later, it shows your brain performance chart.  It takes the user to a state of more mindfulness.

It is a product for all to use but can be a very helpful product who have a very busy life or are going through a lot of stress.

Equil Smartpen 2

Price: $174.99

The Equil Smartpen is specially designed for students and professionals to balance their work onscreen and on paper.

Equil smartpen captures everything you write or draw and digitalize it in no time on your smartphone, tablet or computer with free apps.

So whats there on your notebook will always be on your phone. The advantage of Equil Smartpen over other smartpens available in the market is that it does not require a special paper or a notebook.

With Equil smartpen’s handwriting recognition feature you can transform your notes into editable text. 

You can write continuously for up to eight hours between charges.

From paper to digital, the Equil Smartpen 2 lets you seamlessly create, capture, edit and share your ideas from paper to digital.

FitBit Charge 2

Price: $149.88

 It’s one of the top fitness tracker revolving in the market and triggers a large consumer base with great features and very easy to use. The Charge 2 is an activity and sleep tracker device and is designed to do two things for you-“One is to quantify your life and second is to help you see a holistic picture of your health”.

Charge 2 comes with a large screen with excellent quality and have interchangeable bands to fit your style. It has a gyroscope sensor so, your screen display will always be perfect whenever you look at it.

Fitbit Charge 2 syncs with the mobile app via Bluetooth and tracks workout session, records heartbeat rates with the tracker on the rear side of the watch (not perfectly accurate sometimes but still very good) and also gives you daily tasks/ challenges to complete making you fit in an entertaining way.

You can choose the type of workout you are doing in the watch and it will start recording data accordingly. The app also advises you on the basis of your fitness stats and compares your progress with other people of your age group. You can also change watch faces from the Fitbit app that matches to your like. It is not waterproof but splash, rain and sweat resistance.

Battery life is up to 5 days but will surely last for 4 days if extensively used. It also gives you brief notification of your text message which is a nice extra feature added to it. The app is very good and gets updates regularly making the services better each and every day.


UE Roll 2

Price: $64.00

The best looking, slim and portable bluetooth speaker by Amazon

It fits in one’s palm, super lightweight(330 grams) and has a simple design with volume buttons that are on the front side of the device, shown as big plus and minus sign and if you press both at the same time it tells about the battery life which is pretty neat.

On the rear side a bungee cord is offered so you can hang this in the shower or anywhere u need.

It is IPX7 certified, meaning you can submerge it in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes without any worries.

It is also stain resistant so if u toss it into the mud and then spay it down, speakers will work perfectly.

It takes 5 hours to fully recharge the dead battery, its battery life is up to 10 hours of continuous use  which I pretty decent.  There’s an app for both IOS and Android with an alarm and equaliser feature and also a feature to connect two Roll devices together. 

The biggest selling point is that it is very rugged, portable and it can be attached anywhere you want.


Price: $36.99

The world is going Gaga over virtual reality that gives one the feel of immersion into a complete new World.

This is the best VR in terms of both features and affordability.

The image is clear, lightweight, it is made of high quality light plastics, a lot of soft cushions around the eyes, no pressure.

 It is pretty cool and comes with stereo real sound earphone. The headset has great sound quality and makes the VR experience much better.

The adjustable strap that holds it in place is very secure and it is padded, which make it very comfortable.

Its really comfortable and safe for your eyes plus the 360  degree view and 720 degree surround sound completely immerses you in the world of virtual reality.


Quit Bit smart Lighter

Price: $129.00

The world first smart lighter to help you to quit smoking.

It tracks the user’s smoking sessions and provides feedback so that he can make healthier decisions.

Very light and stylish.

It has got a small screen on it that activates every time user opens the lid of the lighter.

Inside, there is a small coil that gets heated when the person long presses the button on its side.

On the screen, it shows the time of your last smoke, battery power and how many cigarettes you have puffed.

At the bottom, there is a slot for charging. It lasts one week on a single charge.

It is connected with your phone through an app via Bluetooth that shows your smoking stats and guides you the ways to slowly quit smoking.

There is a whole community of people on the app that use Quit Bit and you can connect with them and learn how others are doing to quit smoking.


Price: $68.00

Tile-Mate is a perfect device for a person that is either too busy or forgetful and usually loses his/her keys, TV remote, wallet and other important stuff.

The device helps to track all the things that have tiles (small chips, slightly bigger than a coin) on it and shows their location on the tile mate app on your smartphone that is in 100 meters of range and also shows its last location.

Tile-Mate offers 4 tiles (chips) in one box. A tile is equipped with a small speaker that makes a sound if given the command from the mobile app for an easy search of the object attached to it. Also, the logo on each tile is a button and if you double tap it, your phone will start ringing even if it is on silent mode, it comes in handy if you forget the phone’s location.

Suppose if you lose your wallet or it gets stolen, the app will show its last location and also by chance if some other tile mate user passes by that lost or stolen wallet/tile you will immediately get the notification of that location. Although right now the community is not that big so at the end it might depend on your luck.

Overall this product is value for its money and is undoubtedly one of the most useful innovative product on the list.

Philips - Hue A19

Price: $69.97

Bulbs just got smart, what about you?

The Philips Hue A19 is a set of 2 smart bulbs that can transform the lighting of your house.

 Philips Hue bulbs are called smart for a reason, they can wirelessly connect with phone apps, a capability that opens up major possibilities.

The user-friendly system lets you turn lights on and off or dim them with an intuitive app for your smartphone or tablet.

Because it is a smart bulb it can also be controlled by home smart devices like Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

Philips has taken a step forward in introducing features like setting up alarms and timers.

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