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To tell you the truth, I am a huge coffee lover. My love for coffee has led to a strange habit of being very picky about the mugs I use for drinking coffee and that also gave me the idea of this topic.

We have been using mugs for centuries and it is one of those necessities  that we use every day just like a toilet paper. I guess that was a bad reference.

So coming to the point, what I want to say is that- we are living in the 21st century where technology has taken over all the things and we can or we must upgrade to better style for enjoying our beverages.

Here in this list are 10 Mugs that are the successors of their ancestors and it’s time for us to also move forward.


Make your hectic mornings run a little smoother by preparing your coffee with this self stirring mug. At the push of a button, this unique mug automatically begins to mix the contents of your mug – perfect for lazy tea and coffee drinkers everywhere.


Are you are still using a winnie the pooh mug? Throw it out the window. It’s now obsolete! you need a upgrade. This little piece of innovation is good enough to brighten up your mornings. The heat sensitive body changes its color when you pour hot coffee in the mug. On top of that thee are a variety of color options available for you and your loved ones. 


Say Goodbye to coffee strain rings. The elegant eye catching and unique designed body connects to a handy coaster through the handle to prevent strain rings from forming. Could be a artwork for your office or a clever gift for your mates.


Effortlessly keep your beverage at the perfect drinking temperature by pouring it into this temperature control mug. The base of the mug works as a temperature adjuster. Rotate it to the perfect temperature so that your drink is piping hot for hours


Now it doesn’t matter how much chaotic you are, your coffee won’t spill because of this unspillable travel mug, powered with Smart Grip technology. This mug really will not fall over when accidentally knocked! Perfect for the working day, on boats, picnics and on the beach.   


For all those big moustache gentlemen who are tired of Coffee/Tea ruining their perfectly clean moustache? Now there’s a solution. Moustache mug comes with a guard that protects the prideful mustache while drinking coffee.


How inspired and clever are these mugs! If you have ever tried to carry several mugs at once without a tray and had a few spills, burnt fingers and got stains on the carpet then you will truly appreciate this set of 3 mugs that link together. Each mug has a cross on one side and a corresponding recess on the other so they can be added together and carried in a line without the need for a tray. Perfect for serving coffee or tea or hot chocolate at the office or home.


Everyone wants their coffee/tea to be hot.Well Mug warmer do that very efficiently for you. It is compact and can be kept on the table and it will keep your coffee warm for you. It is a great gift for a coffee/tea lover with touch of innovation to it. 


Experience some high quality cheerful music while having coffee sips anytime, anywhere. Enhanced with vacuum insulation, this Bluetooth mug keeps your drinks cold or hot for up to 12 hours. If you travel a lot this is the product for you. 


Energize your morning with both a shot of espresso and cup of coffee. Want coffee and espresso? never choose between one or the other again. The double shot coffee/espresso mug from GAMAGO has room for espresso in one side and coffee in the other. Life is busy and you’re on the go, so why not cut down on dishes while you’re at it? take a shot of espresso, down that cup of coffee, and rush out the door!

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