21 best gadgets for winters

21 best gadgets for winters

Winter is coming- Be prepared

21 Gadgets to Knockout Winters

-Naveen Mehta | 13 Dec 2017

 “Winter Is Here” in our world as in Westeros. Although we don’t have to worry about the Dead Army, still we have to deal with cold- The ultimate fun killer.

It’s again that time of year when we all become Eskimos hiding every inch of our body parts. People have started digging for heaters, blankets, woollens etc. Winter can be depressing and it limits us from doing certain things that we love to do. On cold days biking, driving, gaming, working, cooking etc., all these tasks seem so difficult, but not for long. These cool temperatures remind me that colder weather is on its way, and that means it is time for annual winter prep. Luckily, we live in the days where gadgets rule supreme and there are gadgets out there catering specifically to winter-related problems. From the high-tech room thermostat to the ultra-small sleeping bag there’s a winter gadget for everyone who doesn’t want to be a duckling this entire season. Check out my list of cool gadgets that bring up the fire in winters.

Gear Up, Its Winters:

Your finger is the best input device as said by Steve jobs. But what happens when its winter and you are shivering out of cold and wearing your typical woolen gloves. The best input device don’t work anymore unless you remove the glove. The Smart touch gloves resolves the issue for you.

The heater is basic amenities during winter, but going with any heater is not the solution to handle cold. Sometimes we feel more chills when we are around a heater. A perfect heater should be portable and must provide more dimensional heating.

Make your bed warm with this cool heat pad. Just recharge and it will stay warm for 5-6 hours and you will get a calm and peaceful sleep on the chilling nights. It’s a bang for your bucks and your well being in winters.

Gloves have been used for a very long time to keep our hands warm. USB gloves looks like a prototype of future gloves and may look a bit weird as no one would expect wires hanging out of the glove. It’s like receiving energy from a laptop and you may feel connected to your machine.

A beanie with a Bluetooth headphones. How does it sounds to you?  It’s so much convenient in this cold weather as you can keep your head warm plus listen to music at the same time. No hassles of extra headphones. It’s easy to connect with smartphone and the battery life is just awesome.

“Hot coffe and cold winter are two of the best souls ever made for each other”  Keep your favorite mug of coffee, tea or cocoa hot when you want it.

Which parts of your body needs most heat? Obviously the ones that are most exposed to cold weather, your hands. Zippo hand warmer is simple- need some heat? Flame the gadget and put it inside your palm. The best part is that it can provide continuous heat for 12-16 hours.

Winters are good but the problems with winters is a list long. One of such common problem is wet shoes. It’s perfectly fine if you own 10-15 pairs of shoes and a big villa, if not go ahead spend some bucks and bring some quality product that’s going to help you every day.

At first when I saw this product my expression was like ‘What in the world is left to connect to a usb’.  Being lightweight and portable the product is good enough to keep you warm during winters.

It’s a  fact that dry garments are 25% more warmer then moist garments  and 25% is a lot of heat when its winters. If you are an office guy or someone who is in compulsion to go out everyday even its winters you really need a garment dryer.

Okay, not super techy. But it prevents the way snow and rain limits visibility on side mirrors. These inexpensive and easy to install visors will make driving in the winter so much easier!

Winter and rainfall not only mean cold air, they mean dry air too. This utterly adorable little humidifier makes your room aromatic and creates moisture in the room. Its beautiful, portable and also lot loved product by the public.

Yaktrax is traction cleats that fit over shoes for safely walking, hiking, or jogging on packed snow or ice. At times where water froze on roads, walking there is actual risking of life. A must-have safety measure for winters.

Carry your heater with you always. It’s well made, the battery pack pocket is well located so as not to interfere with movement. Battery lasts at least 6 hours on low heat and the low setting is quite warm, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who goes outside in winter weather.

For people with the problem of cold feet, here’s your solution. We all know when our feet are cold, our entire body feels numb. With an average battery life of 5-6 hours, you can keep your feet warm for long.

Clothes are always very cold in winters. More so a cold tower, when you take bath, is even worse. This device warms towels while you bath. Also good for large towels and other garments. Auto shutoff feature for safety and portable so you can use just about anywhere.

You can never be sure of the electricity in winter season or in other worse cases your charging point may be too far from your bed. A power bank in all situations and this particular product is the best of all. With the ridiculously cheap price and awesome quality, it’s a must-have.

No one likes to stand in the queue for warming lunch in the oven at the office and that too when it’s really cold. Crockpot Lunch Warmer keep the food warm and fresh for you to eat.

How much time does it take you to warm your bed as you go to sleep during winters? This heated mattress pad works exceptionally well. It heats quickly and evenly and keeps you toasty warm throughout the night.

If there’s anything that gives the feel of a refrigerator during the cold season is a car. All that warmth that you had from your home is immediately sucked out. AmazonBasics is a soft heated cushion that will provide that warmth for you. It’s a must-have for daily working people.

Nest operates the smart thermostat to keep the house warm.Costing a slight small fortune little over $ 200, the smart thermostat works by using its inbuilt artificial technology to learn its owner’s patterns and use this data to predict when to turn the heating on or off. And, if that wasn’t enough it can also keep you cool in the summer! So, potentially a small fortune initially but saving your pennies in the long run.

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